Dog Cleaning in Conwy

dog grooming in ConwySmudger here! I'm going to tell you a bit more about a couple of the services that Scooby Doo's Dog Grooming in North Wales provides.

Some types of dogs shed hairs, causing their owners, to have to vacuum up lots of times. This is a natural process, and cannot be avoided, but there are things that can be done to minimise the amount of hair that ends up on your carpet. That's where Scooby Doo's Dog Grooming can help. They have over a decade of experience of cleaning and caring for dogs, and they have the expertise to provide treatments that are right for your dog's individual requirements. So if you've had enough of your dog's hair ending up over your new clothes or carpet,  or you need help with dog cleaning in Conwy, book a deshedding appointment or dog wash and blow dry today!

Cat and Dog Microchipping

As you know us dogs are mischievious and sometimes we like to wander off on our own without our owners' permission and before you know it we're in unfamiliar surroundings and our keen sense of smell and hearing can't help, it leaves our owners worried! But luckily my owner had previously taken me to Scooby Doo's. You never know when your dog or cat might go missing, so it makes sense to ask Scooby Doo's Dog Grooming to microchip them, for safety and for your peace of mind.

Dog Defleaing

Take it from a dog, there's nothing worse than fleas! They itch like mad. And not only that, but they cause my owner to worry about me scratching all the time. Plus, they mean I can't play with other dogs, in case I give them my fleas. All in all, they are bad news! So if you think or know that your dog has fleas, do them and yourself a favour, and get Scooby Doo's Dog Grooming to treat them with their dog defleaing service!

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If you want to find out more, give Scooby Doo's Dog Grooming a ring! Your four legged friend would thank you if they could speak! So for dog microchipping, dog defleaing or dog cleaning in North Wales please call today!

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